политики конфиденциальности.



LX20G-3C / LX20G-5C / LX20G / LX20S

LX series transmitters have no in-built power supply, which allows any type of power to be configured. Transmitters vary in degree expand the functionality,
are available in the following configurations:

• LX20G
• LX20G-3C
• LX20S


LX20G is an advanced GSM transmitter which allows for the simulation of telephone line (PSTN) with transmission in a voice channel
to GSM. In case of failure of the telephone line or after selecting the appropriate prefix, a voice call is made to the monitoring station, allowing
the transfer of data from the control panel via ContactID (DTMF) or SIA (FSK). The other transmission channels are also available.

LX20G-3C The extended LX20G-3C version additionally allows remote configuration of control panels.

LX20S GSM transmitter with functionality of LX20, expanded on SIA protocol Level 2.



- Alarm signals transmission
- Complex systems operate redundantly, e.g. banking systems, remote reading of data from energy meters
- Elevator communication systems
- Monitoring of counters in gambling machines - OEM project
- Redundant transmission system - secure Ethernet channel
- Energys system - protection against theft and damage designed for power distribution transformers