политики конфиденциальности.



PX200N / PX200NB / EX20

• PX200N and PX200NB transmitters are modern devices used for the real-time packet data transfer through GSM networks via GPRS
and SMS channels.
They have an extensive complex telephone line simulation circuit and ContactID reception. PX200N also supports control panel with
the SIA protocol Level 2. PX200NB has additionaly parametrized inputs and can remotly uploading & downloading panels via GPRS.
Transmitters equipped with a modem u-blox have an additional feature - GSM signal jamming detection.

• EX20 transmitters are mainly used as the transfer module for security systems. They can be integrated with all of the most popular
alarm systems. Ethernet transmitters are often used as a backup transmission channel - they are easy to use and generate low costs.
Transmitters work both with static IP and DHCP. They operate in LAN & WAN, using IEEE 802.3 10Mbps/100Mbps standards.



- Alarm signals transmission
- Complex systems operate redundantly, e.g. banking systems, remote
reading of data from energy meters
- Elevator communication systems
- Emergency system on the base of PX100N-1N transmitter with
extended SMS sending function - OEM project
- Monitoring of counters in gambling machines - OEM project
- Redundant transmission system - secure Ethernet channel
- Energys system - protection against theft and damage designed
for power distribution transformers


- Locations where GSM signal is poor
- Ready to connect to the network infrastructure in industrial plants,
office buildings, banks - it generates low costs
- Used as the primary transmission channel in the banking system:
LX20-2EV, EX20-2PV